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The Matches

 Match #1

The Animal vs Dyllon

 Match #2

Serge Legros

vs Mick

 Match #3

Serge Legros

vs Dyllon

 Match #4

The Animal

vs Mick

 Match #5

The Animal vs Serge Legros

Villains versus Virgins

Match #5

The Animal vs Serge Legros

And now a meeting of our two alumni, the Animal and Serge Legros. All of the wrestlers on this tape have gone at it hard, throwing everything they have into their holds… muscles straining, bodies hurting. In this match-up, these two big guys know that they can't mess around, they have to slow the other down right away. Serge reverses Animals big chinlock, into a very nice front facelock and hangs on hard making Animal gasp for air. He later pounds his way out of a long sleeper, and hits Animal with a front-face sleeper of his own… then throws a long hard full nelson on him pulling those big arms helplessly back. He squeezes Animals big shoulders together hard, and stretches his neck out viciously. A great hold… Serge lifts the Animal off the mat at times, strutting the big guys nelsoned body around on display. Letting up on the pressure a bit, then again hitting him hard again. The holds are tough in this matchup. They exchange mean armscissors, fig-4 headscissors's, chinlocks… until the Animal takes advantage with one of his long, brutal sleeper holds (kneeling, laying, then kneeling again). Serge does push big Animal to the limit at times, but the Animal is one tough guy. Maybe next time, Serge. We hope that the Animal returns more often for us, he's great to watch.

The Animal takes an early advantage...

...but Serge puts a front head lock on the big man...

...but The Animal soon reverses ... he loves to pull Serge's hair...

...Serge with a full nelson lifts the big man off the mat! he has Serge in a figure-four head scissors.

But Serge is able to reverse and has The Animal all wrapped up like a pretzel.

The Animal gains control as Serge reels in pain...

...and then it is all over for Serge as The Animal slowly...

...ever so slowly... and methodically...

...puts his hapless victim to he pulls Serge's hair to wake him up before delivering the final ending...what a sweet finale to a great tape!