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The Matches

 Match #1

The Animal vs Dyllon

 Match #2

Serge Legros

vs Mick

 Match #3

Serge Legros

vs Dyllon

 Match #4

The Animal

vs Mick

 Match #5

The Animal vs Serge Legros

Villains versus Virgins

Match #4

The Animal vs Newcomer Mick

This is a match that you are bound to watch over and over again. These two hunk's bodies are well displayed throughout this match. Big hunk Animal takes on lean and muscled, Mick. The Animal is such a force to go against, but Mick has a great match with his big foe. Animal wears Mick down with side headlocks, sleepers, and scissors. Mick does have his way with Animal, hurting him good with a mean nelson that has the Animal's chin dug deep in his big chest, moaning. He follows it up with a standing surfboard using his feet well, forcing his heel into the Animals lower back. Next he tosses on a fig-4 headscissors using the Animals big arm as leverage, pulling hard. OUCH! Finally the Animal can't take any more of Mick's abuse, turns it on and works him over real good. These two hunks go well toe to toe, showing strong wrestling skill and wonderfully working over eachothers hard muscles. Hard fought, Mick finally goes down in beautiful sleeper. Great match-up, featuring two of PWP's hottest hunks.

The Animal takes an early advantage...

...but the slim newcomer has the bigger man in ....

...a ftighly held figure-four head scissors...

...he then tries his hand at arm stretches.

The bigger man seems at times to be playing with our newcomer as the look on Mick's face reveals.

The end comes but The Animal wants to play with Mick so he takes his...

...time to put him away... no matter how hard Mick tries to escape the bigger man....

...keeps him wrapped up and totally in control until Mick has no life left in him! What a finish!