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The Matches

 Match #1

The Animal vs Dyllon

 Match #2

Serge Legros

vs Mick

 Match #3

Serge Legros

vs Dyllon

 Match #4

The Animal

vs Mick

 Match #5

The Animal vs Serge Legros

Villains versus Virgins

Match #2

Serge Legros vs Newcomer Mick

Another PWP guy makes his long awaited return. (He surprised everyone in Montreal Matmen, beating all… including Kid Q, Stephan and BIG Pat). This match he's up against the very lean and very muscular Mick. Serge is well built, he has great talent and his holds are very mean. He starts in with a long, vicious side headlock that soon has Mick moaning. When his arm gets tired of squeezing (as hard as he does), he switches arms to a long held front facelock and continues his torture. Devastating!! Secure with his domination, Serge next applies a long head scissors, flexing as he squeezes Mick into near unconsciousness. Pulling himself together, Mick hits Serge with some awesome footwork... foot-to-chest ambars… tight headscissors (well displaying Mick's fabulous physique)… he then wraps his muscled body around poor Serge forcing a mean chinlock on him… and a series of nelsons. When Serge is able to break free, Mick is met with a punishing series of dominating holds that eventually has the musclehunk sleepered out in Serge's mighty arms. Serge works Mick over real good. A tough fought, great match!!

Serge takes an early advantage with a punishing head lock...

...and then relaxes as he punishes the youngster's head some more...

...but the wirey youngster dishes out some pain of his own... Serge finds out with this arm stretch.

...and then wraps up Serge and has him grimacing in pain.

But Serge is no slouch and here Mick feels the wrath of Serge... he continues to be on the receiving end of more pain...

...and punishment... the full nelson has Mick ready for the...

...inevitable end... but... the youngster tries to struggle his way out....

.. to no avail as this long held sleeper is a beauty to watch.