PWP Wrestling presents

Villains vs Virgins

The First Canadian Studpuppies versus The Warehouse Wrestlers Challenge 

Dan(PWP) has decided to bring some of the Canadian Studpuppy veterans back to challenge his latest discoveries (the Virgins) from The Warehouse.

the Matches

 Match #1

The Animal vs Dyllon

 Match #2

Serge Legros

vs Mick

 Match #3

Serge Legros

vs Dyllon

 Match #4

The Animal

vs Mick

 Match #5

The Animal vs Serge Legros

Villains versus Virgins

the Wrestlers


The Animal


Serge Legros

Newcomer Mick


Dyllon (sporting his PWP underwear)

Preview Shots


New comer Mick has Serge in a painful full nelson. How long will he be able to hold out against the veteran? Match #2!


The Animal has Dyllon neatly wrapped up in a full nelson. Match #1

Serge has Mick in a painful arm bar. Match #2