PWP Wrestling presents


The Matches

 Match #1

The Animal vs Dyllon

 Match #2

Serge Legros

vs Mick

 Match #3

Serge Legros

vs Dyllon

 Match #4

The Animal

vs Mick

 Match #5

The Animal vs Serge Legros

Villains versus Virgins

Match #1

The Animal vs Dyllon

HE'S BACK!!! The ever-popular Animal returns to PWP, looking as brutally handsome as ever. The build on this guy is amazing, and he throws all that muscle into each hold. He's up against up-and-coming Dyllon to start. Dyllon comes to every match looking increasingly beefier, showing more confidence and aggressiveness with each match. The Animal takes early control with a tough side headlock that leaves Dyllon stunned. Animal follows that up with a full nelson that immediately has Dyllon's chin dug into his chest and in pain. Easy to work over now, Animal slides out of the nelson into a double armbar with his knee against Dyllon's back. OUCH!! Then a surfboard kneeling, then standing has Dyllon in a lot of trouble. When Animal lets go, Dyllon quickly uppercuts the musclehunk's crotch. Tables turned, now Dyllon takes control… putting a bearhug on the breathless Animal's head!! Next he throws a hard full nelson on the Animal with devastating force. Then Dyllon goes back to the mat with a body scissors combined with another bearhug to Animals head. The Animals repeated taps are ignored by Dyllon… and Dyllon has his way with the muscle guy. A toehold with a hammerlock has the Animal gasping and groaning more. A boston crab… a standing surfboard… a couple body scissors/armbars… a body scissors/chinlock… a fig-4 headscissors… Dyllon's attack on the big guy just doesn't stop. Once the Animal gets a chance he surprises Dyllon with a knee to the gut, and pays back his attack two-fold. The Animal's muscles bulge as he brutalizes Dyllon with a barrage of holds. Dyllon finally succumbs to one of Animals sleepers, and the Animal flexes over Dyllon's lifeless body. This was one hell of a hard fought match. Awesome!!!

The Animal takes an early advantage ...

...with a punishing head lock that almost knocks the poor boy out...

...but The Animal wants to have some fun ... as he stretches...

...the young wrestler like a pretzel.

Then he proceeds to stretch Dyllon some more.

...but the cagey warehouse youngster gets the veteran in a full-nelson...

...a leg lock and an arm bar have The Animal down on the mat...

...and a figure-four head scissors has the big man...

...wondering what he let himself in for ... but...

...the big guy reverses and Dyllon finds himself locked in a devastating full nelson.

This is what The Animal does best...puts the pretty boy to sleep...

...chalk up another beautiful victory for The Animal.