PWP Wrestling presents

Montréal Locker Room Wrestling #5 - SUMMER BRAWL

the Matches 

 Match #1

Kid TNT vs Sébastien

 Match #2

Kid Q vs Denis Richard

 Match #3

Kid Q vs Sébastien

 Match #4

Kid TNT vs Kid Q

 Match #5

Kid TNT vs Denis Richard



Kid TNT vs Denis Richard

 TNT is about pro-holds, dirty tactics, awesome use of leverage and pressure, and being a heel. He knows many ways to hurt a guy and he really enjoys dispensing the pain. For a well built, but not muscular guy, he exudes confidence with every hold… and he looks in the camera and shakes his head in total-disbelief of his total control over his opponent. Denis resorts to some tactics himself, but he just isn't enough for the hot-shot TNT. Denis takes a huge beating at the hands of Kid TNT. Three worthy opponents… three fallen opponents. TNT Rocks.

Kid TNT starts with some dirty tricks...

...including a little biting.

A long held scissors hold by the Kid... reversed by our rookie...

...who proceeds to control the match.


A powerful bearhug on our hapless...


...heel leads him to do what he knows best.


You got it...or unfortunately Denis is on the receiving end of some vicious punishment...chalk up another victory for our heel...Kid TNT.