PWP Wrestling presents

Montréal Locker Room Wrestling #5 - SUMMER BRAWL

the Matches 

 Match #1

Kid TNT vs Sébastien

 Match #2

Kid Q vs Denis Richard

 Match #3

Kid Q vs Sébastien

 Match #4

Kid TNT vs Kid Q

 Match #5

Kid TNT vs Denis Richard



Kid Q vs Denis Richard

Wow, has Kid Q put on some serious muscle. WOW!!! Looks great. Denis is looking good as he comes on strong at the start. He tries to work the big guy throughout, but to no avail. Kid Q is a huge opponent and he just uses that size and strength to his advantage and just reverses and overpowers Denis at every move. You should see Kid Q's pipes as he flexes over Denis fallen hot-bod.  Kid Q has always been a favorite.

Kid Q is having some fun with our new studmuffin Denis Richard.

A painful camel clutch...

...but our new boy tries to keep Kid Q in a full nelson...

...only to be rocked and played with by our new and improved Kid Q.

More punishment is dished out...

...until our poor rookie gives up.

Kid Q towers over his defeated opponent .