PWP Wrestling presents

Montréal Locker Room Wrestling #5 - SUMMER BRAWL

the Matches 

 Match #1

Kid TNT vs Sébastien

 Match #2

Kid Q vs Denis Richard

 Match #3

Kid Q vs Sébastien

 Match #4

Kid TNT vs Kid Q

 Match #5

Kid TNT vs Denis Richard



Kid Q vs Sébastien

This is a classic 'big muscle guy' vs 'lean muscle guy' action. Sebastian a is slightly faster wrestler, and Kid Q is just dominating in nature. Sebastian gets in a huge full-nelson, and a figure-4 headscissors that nearly takes Kid Q. Kid Q squeezes a lot of the life out of Sebastian with those big arms. A monstrous bearhug nearly crushes Sebastian. Sebastian then decides that the only way to bring the big guy down is by weakening those arms… so he starts with an instep toehold leaning back into an armbar, and then he bends Kid Q's big shoulder back in another armbar. The Kid says enough is enough and wraps those big arms around poor Sebastian's head and sleepers him out. First standing, then sitting… all Sebastian could do was just feel those arms and take it. Both these guys are great to watch.

Our new boy, Sébastien, shows remarkable talent...

...Kid Q soon gains control with a mean bearhug.

A bearhug crucifixion?

Why do our rookies keep trying a full nelson on Kid Q?? When will they learn??

Sébastien has the Kid in a power leg scissors...

...but our hero punishes the rookie with another bear hug.

A crushing headlock...before...

...laying him to rest on the mat.