PWP Wrestling presents

Montréal Locker Room Wrestling #5 - SUMMER BRAWL

the Matches 

 Match #1

Kid TNT vs Sébastien

 Match #2

Kid Q vs Denis Richard

 Match #3

Kid Q vs Sébastien

 Match #4

Kid TNT vs Kid Q

 Match #5

Kid TNT vs Denis Richard



Kid TNT vs Kid Q

 One of the sexiest beatings I've seen. Kid TNT claiming to be a good guy, low-blows Kid Q to start this one. A taste of things to come for Kid Q. Kid TNT gets the upper hand by dirty tactics throughout this match. A low blows to Kid Q's crotch, biting, gouging to the eyes, lots of punching to the forehead, leg drops to the crotch, anything. Any time Kid Q got on one of his power holds, TNT would pound his way out, and then throw Kid Q into one of his big pro-holds. Kid Q really gets worked over. TNT locks on his 'Love Machine' and a serious cobra hold to big Kid Q, to knock him out. Then after TNT lets Kid Q lay there defeated for a while, he returns to the mat to lay a pounding to the vulnerable Kid Q. With his hard fists he pounds Kid Q every which way, then he rams his head into the lockers a few times. All that followed by another cobra. Kid Q rarely gets manhandled to this degree and has a very hard time recovering from the beating he takes. TNT is HOT.

Kid TNT takes on Kid Q.

The pro heel knows how to lock on a bear hug.

Kid Q is no slouch as our newest heel...

...soon discovers.

But true to form, Kid TNT low blows our hero...

...and proceeds to pound him on the mat.

Kid Q is able to overcome his adversary...

...only to be dealt another low blow.

Yet, Kid Q is tough and scissors Kid TNT.

Kid TNT is back doing his dirty tricks.

But Kid Q is able to put him in a powerful bear hug.

Is our heel able to lock on his 'Love Machine' hold on our hero or will Kid Q be able to fight back? You will have to see for yourself.