PWP Wrestling presents

Montréal Locker Room Wrestling #5 - SUMMER BRAWL

the Matches 

 Match #1

Kid TNT vs Sébastien

 Match #2

Kid Q vs Denis Richard

 Match #3

Kid Q vs Sébastien

 Match #4

Kid TNT vs Kid Q

 Match #5

Kid TNT vs Denis Richard



Kid TNT vs Sébastien

Ultra lean and muscular, Sebastian looks awesome in this tape. He gets some big side headlocks, bearhugs and head scissors on TNT, but they don't compare to TNT's style of wrestling. Kid TNT is a GREAT wrestler. He subjects Sebastian to some fantastic holds. TNT has great use of leverage, and weight, and his holds are tight, he hits hard. Once he throws a cobra on Sebastian, games over. After he wins the match, he comes back and takes his fists to Sebastian in a massive beating. Lean, muscular Sebastian is destroyed.

Kid TNT begins this match in control...

...but Sébastien turns the tables on the heel...

...only to find himself in a punishing head scissors.

But our young studmuffin returns the favor with a headlock on the Kid.

The Kid thinks he has our boy where he wants him...

...only to find himself locked in a bear hug.

The Kid has had enough of our young rookie and puts our studmuffin to sleep.

Not content to beat his man, Kid TNT makes him suffer in a painful hold he calls his 'Love Machine'..A truly hot match and an even hotter finish.