PWP Wrestling presents

The 3rd Scissors Tape

the Matches 


The Rebel vs Danny D'


'Pistol Pete' vs Eric Legros 


Danny D' vs 'Pistol Pete' 


The Rebel vs 'Pistol Pete' 


Round Robin: Competition for Dominance 

Match #4

the Rebel vs Pistol Pete

 Take PWP's phenom, and match him up taking on the guy who pulled off two wins in his first tape. The Rebel knows that this has little chance of being a real challenge and taunts Pistol throughout. From scissor to scissor, the Rebel is always double-dutying, destroying his opponent and showing himself off for the camera. God bless him. Pete manages to get one or two of his destructive scissor holds on the Rebel, but the Rebel laughs. (This is the Rebel… he is strong, and fast, and vicious in his assault, and obviously puts in a lot of time at the gym and on the mats. He beams with confidence. He moves with powerful and meticulous craftiness, always in control of his man and the fight, and ALWAYS knowing how to look best for the camera. He's a showman and a majorly tough guy). So… Pete's scissors hurt the Rebel at times, but mostly amuses him. This fight is just about a squash job. Pete is obviously a great opponent, but not for the Rebel. The Rebel does another breathtaking flex routine over Pete's limp body. If you are into the scissor hold this tape is for you.

Naturally, The Rebel gets an early advantage...

...and proceeds to inflict pain on his smaller opponent.


The pain that The Rebel inflicts on The Pistol in excruciating.


But, the wiry young man is able to break free and clamp on his own punishing figure four...

...and reverse leg scissors...

...before he is caught by The Rebel's vice-like grip which The Pistol doesn't...

...get a chance to break free from and so...

...our Heel decides to showboat to Dan.

...and the camera before...

...the Pistol goes down to defeat. Can anyone defeat this man now??? Will Bad Boy get his chance???