PWP Wrestling presents

The 3rd Scissors Tape

the Matches 


The Rebel vs Danny D'


'Pistol Pete' vs Eric Legros 


Danny D' vs 'Pistol Pete' 


The Rebel vs 'Pistol Pete' 


Round Robin: Competition for Dominance 

Match #5

Round Robin

The Rebel Triumphs Once More!

 This is quite the scissor fest. Eric seems to be in this one a lot, and not by choice. The Rebel applies a solid fig4 headscissors and it takes it's toll. So for most of the rest of this one is Eric getting passed from guy to guy in various headscissors. Whenever he begins to get an edge, the Rebel comes in to slow him down some more. These guys humiliate Eric. The whole thing comes to a glorious ending when there is a double headscissors going on between Danny D and Eric, when the Rebel comes in and tosses a scissors on Danny. Then Pete gets in on the action and before you know it all three are strung together squeezing the wind out of eachother… all four at once. What an ending to a great scissor extravaganza.

The boys decide to gang up on Eric... first Danny D' gets his turn...

...then The Rebel...

...and finally The Pistol proceeds to choke Eric...

...but it isn't long before Eric has The Pistol looking up his crotch.

But The Rebel jumps in and gives Eric a taste of his figure-four head scissors...

...and then a close-up of his derriere.

After punishing Eric, Danny looks to The Rebel for a tag only... be caught in The Rebel's head scissors. But the...


...Rebel has forgotten about The Pistol and so all four men find themselves locked in their own head scissors.