PWP Wrestling presents

The 3rd Scissors Tape

the Matches 


The Rebel vs Danny D'


'Pistol Pete' vs Eric Legros 


Danny D' vs 'Pistol Pete' 


The Rebel vs 'Pistol Pete' 


Round Robin: Competition for Dominance 

Match #3

Pistol Pete vs Danny D'

 Back to back, Pete takes on another big guy, to go scissors to scissors. He and Danny put up a really good fight. At times Danny hoists his smaller opponent up to show him. But Pete, as he has demonstrated, has a pretty awesome scissor hold. They trade back and forth until Pete gets one that Danny can't shake. He pulls Danny's arm to stretch him out good, and squeezes the life out of him. Pete can really scrap, take a load of punishment and surprise a win out of Danny D. A new dynamite at PWP with Pete and he scores another win.

Danny D' gets an early advantage ..and tries to squeeze the life out of the Pistol.

But Danny is soon to learn that this lean and mean machine can put the squeeze on him...

The veteran Danny regains the advantage with a punishing figure-four head scissors...

...and then proceed to get a little cocky... our little champion gives Danny a taste of his figure-four head scissors...

...and proceeds to show him some back-side in another head scissorshead scissors.

The Pistol proceeds to punish Danny with long held...

...head scissors until Danny can't take any more...This little guy is dynamite!!