PWP Wrestling presents

The 3rd Scissors Tape

the Matches 


The Rebel vs Danny D'


'Pistol Pete' vs Eric Legros 


Danny D' vs 'Pistol Pete' 


The Rebel vs 'Pistol Pete' 


Round Robin: Competition for Dominance 

Match #2

Eric Legros vs Pistol Pete

 Both of these guys are in their first time out with PWP. Pete is smaller, with a very nice physique. And Eric, a taller guy, and pretty big. Another who can out-scissor the other guy fight again… Eric is great to watch because, like the Rebel, he too is great for flexing a lot when he's the aggressor, showing off his abs and biceps. Pete has a lot to handle, but does well. These guys move pretty fast, trying to get the upper hand, going from scissor hold to hold. They stretch eachothers arms and legs as they go for lots more painful leverage. Pete can take a lot of punishment, which is bad for Eric. Finally Pete gets a front face scissors on Eric with Eric's face buried deep in Pete thighs. There was no escape. Pete takes this one on the big guy.

The wiry Pistol gets an early advantage...

...with a tight front head scissors.

But Eric is able to use his strength to gain...

...the advantage and begins to punish the smaller wrestler.

Posing as he gives the Pistol a taste of his figure-four...

...head scissors. Little did he know that the tough little guy would not only turn the tables on the bigger man...

...but would punish him with a long held headlock...Pistol may be small but he is tough...

...and the more he squeezes, the weaker the bigger man becomes until it is all over for Eric and he submits..What an auspicious start for this young and up and coming star!