PWP Wrestling presents

The 3rd Scissors Tape

the Matches 


The Rebel vs Danny D'


'Pistol Pete' vs Eric Legros 


Danny D' vs 'Pistol Pete' 


The Rebel vs 'Pistol Pete' 


Round Robin: Competition for Dominance 

Match #1

The Rebel vs Danny D'

 If you like your scissors, then this is definitely the tape for you. What you have here is a tape where the wrestlers main hold they use is the scissors of any sort. And for this matchup, anyone going up against the Rebel in a scissors battle is up for a match. Danny D looks great and pound for pound should probably put up a good fight. But for every scissors that Danny gets in, and he has pretty big legs… the Rebel gets in double, and the Rebels scissors damage. Their scissors are awesome in this one and Danny takes a lesson from one of the best. One of the Rebel's scissors almost smothered Danny, holding him deep in his upper thighs. Danny surprises the Rebel occasionally… but this is the Rebel! He looks brilliant, flexing his glorious body for us, whether he's the aggressor or getting hurt. He always looks great. Displaying himself well as he squeezes the wind out of Danny. And beautiful posing as the winner over Danny's beaten body, gives us a great look at the great Rebel. A great showman and a favorite for a reason. Thanks Rebel.

The Rebel gets an early advantage...

...with a close-up and personal head scissors.

The Rebel tries to choke Danny D' between his well-muscled thighs.

It isn't long before Danny D' gets the upper hand...

...and gives The Rebel a taste of his figure-four...

...and front head scissors.

But The Rebel in all his cockiness, punishes Danny D with a long figure-four held head scissors...

...and eventually puts the hapless victim to rest.