PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Denis vs Lenny

Match #2

Lenny vs Guillaume

Match #3

TNT vs Guillaume

Match #4

TNT vs Lenny

Match #5

TNT vs Denis

Match #6

Lenny vs Guillaume

Match #6

Guillaume: The GraveDigger vs LENNY

This seems like a mis-match as the GraveDigger is all over Lenny at teh start of the match.

The Big Man's Bear Hug is a wonder to behold...Those powerful arms wrapped around Lenny's body..oh, my!!

...but the little man knows how to get things turned around

...and puts the Big Man in a sleeper of his own only.. have him get out in teh only way he knows!

This mean head lock and hair pulling has Lenny wondering why he decided to enter the mat with this behemoth.

...a head scissors - ball grabing combination on teh smaller man..

but Lenny decides to let his foot do all the walking..all over Guillaume's groin..

.Lenny thinks he has the Big Man when he clamps on a figure-four leg lock..

But the Big man is able to find a way to escape...

..and then it is all over for the young man as the GraveDigger makes Lenny suffer in his torture rack ...

'Eat this little man' as Guillaume chalks up another victory!