PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Denis vs Lenny

Match #2

Lenny vs Guillaume

Match #3

TNT vs Guillaume

Match #4

TNT vs Lenny

Match #5

TNT vs Denis

Match #6

Lenny vs Guillaume

Match #1


THIS IS ONE VERY SEXY MATCH-UP. Each man will stop at nothing to gain the advantage. Here, Lenny grabs Denis by the balls, from the back!

Then Denis punishes Larry in a mean torture rack...

...once on teh mat, Denis delivers even more ball punishment ...

...He arm bars Larry, sits on him, then proceeds to have his way with him..

...even while sitting on Larry's head, Denis keeps working on Larry's balls...

...but the cagey Larry is able to escape and clamps on a sleeper and twists and turns Denis' head..the pain is excruciating

...but denis reverses and continues his attack on Larry..

Denis stays on top and punishes Lenny while sitting on him..He has total control and uses it. that Denis has Larry weakened, he clamps a standing chicken-wing...and laughs at Larry's pain.

Lenny's arms are on the receiving end of Denis' punishment..

Larry is pretty much putty in Denis' hands..and Denis loves to show his dominance by continually grabbing Lenny's 'poche' .....

Denis' victory pose over Larry's is a sight to behold!