PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Denis vs Lenny

Match #2

Lenny vs Guillaume

Match #3

TNT vs Guillaume

Match #4

TNT vs Lenny

Match #5

TNT vs Denis

Match #6

Lenny vs Guillaume

Match #2

Guillaume: The GraveDigger vs LENNY


Lenny grabs hold of the only part of the GraveDigger's body that can give him an advantage.

But the Big Man puts a bone-crushing squeeze on Lenny..and Lenny, who is no slouch, is carried around the room...grimacing in pain..

...and the Big Man isn't afraid to grab Lenny where the sun don't shine..

...but Lenny reverses, first with an arm bar, and then makes the Big Man walk 'round the room with his hand tucked under his crotch!

...but Guillaume soon has Lenny in pain...

...and the scissors that gorgeous head in a figure-four.

...but Lenny reverses in the only way he knows..with a fist full of .....

a mean full nelson has the Big man in pain but

...the Big Man reverses and shows Lenny what pain is when he delivers his own full nelson!

Lenny grabs and holds on hoping to tire out the Big Man.

but Lenny is no match for the GraveDigger as he is torture-racked .....

...and submits to the Big Man's prowess.."Look up at me little man"