PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Denis vs Lenny

Match #2

Lenny vs Guillaume

Match #3

TNT vs Guillaume

Match #4

TNT vs Lenny

Match #5

TNT vs Denis

Match #6

Lenny vs Guillaume

Match #5


Kid TNT begins the match in control of Denis with a mean grab to the groin..

But Denis reverses and has the Kid trapped in an arm bar combination..

...and then delivers even more pain with a long held

...full nelson..Look at teh pain in the Kid's face..

...but the veteran Heel is able to reverse and, while trapped in a head scissors,

pulls Denis' trunks to reveal that bulbous butt...The Kid can't control himself and goes after what he wants..

...but Denis is able to regain control and does some groin pain of his own.

Denis puts the tight squeeze on the Kid.

...Denis knows he is now in control of the match

and decides to finish the Kid with a painful chicken wing...

Denis relishes his victory over his one time friend!!