PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Denis vs Lenny

Match #2

Lenny vs Guillaume

Match #3

TNT vs Guillaume

Match #4

TNT vs Lenny

Match #5

TNT vs Denis

Match #6

Lenny vs Guillaume

Match #3

Kid TNT vs Guillaume: The GraveDigger

Kid TNT wears a thong in this match..Here he is punished by the GraveDigger in a painful Bear Hug.

But the Kid grabs Guillaume's balls to take control...

...and delivers even more ball punishment until...

...he has the Big Man on the mat in a head scissors-arm bar combination.

..."you want to feel pain little man" Guillaume lowers those huge thighs over the Kid's head...

and then raises him up the balls.....

...but the Kid is a veteran wrestler and manages to put the 'boots' to the Big Man's basket..

but Guillaume does some smart grabbing of his own to keep the Kid at bay!!

...but the Kid tries to stomp the Big Man into submission..

but the GraveDigger's torture rack and a half means the Kid's days are over..

but the Big Man refuses to simply let go ...he wants to punish the Kid for his trangsressions .....

...and when it is all over, the Big Man enjoys his victory over his defeated victim!