PWP Wrestling presents

the Rebel's Return

Match #1

the Rebel vs Andre

Match #2

the Scottish Cowboy vs Mad Maxx

Match #3

the Rebel vs the Scottish Cowboy

Match #4

Mad Maxx vs Andre

Match #5

the Rebel vs Mad Maxx


Mad Maxx vs Andre

 Young muscle pup Andre has his hands full with the newcomer, Mad Maxx. Maxx works Andre's fabulous body over sublimely.

The Handsome Heel controls André...

...but the wiry lad has Maxx with his knees on the mat and struggling in an arm bar.

But the Big Man starts his domination over André.

He smiles as André tries desperately to escape from his headlock.


Maxx likes to keep his opponents off guard by relying on any and all dirty tricks. Here he is biting André's ear.

But André is able to clamp on a figure-four head scissors.

Here is a close-up of the tightly held hold.


But tit twisting while Maxx has André in a figure four head scissors keeps André on guard.


Mad Maxx's relentless assault...


...and his dirty tricks keep...


...André a hapless victim... he continues to inflict pain and damage wherever he can.


The Handsome Heel's 'special hold' has André down on the mat...


...and more ear biting and other dirty tricks...


...has André pleading for mercy.


Mad Maxx is on top of the PWP world!