PWP Wrestling presents

the Rebel's Return

Match #1

the Rebel vs Andre

Match #2

the Scottish Cowboy vs Mad Maxx

Match #3

the Rebel vs the Scottish Cowboy

Match #4

Mad Maxx vs Andre

Match #5

the Rebel vs Mad Maxx


the Rebel vs Mad Maxx

 This is pure Classic. The Rebel's return to PWP has so far been a good one. A little difficulty with the Scottish Cowboy at points, but has prevailed in each of his matchups. Until now… This new PWP find, Mad Maxx, is one helluva hunk. Matching the Rebel in body, looks and skill. HOT HOT HOT!!! His tireless, focused, tough, talented wrestling skill makes a match pretty hard for any guy, including our hot, built, hero, the Rebel. He's put on some good size over his time off from PWP, and it looks fantastic. He's grown all over is size (shoulders, chest, arms, legs). I don't know why, but he has one hard bout with the new guy. His patented scissors, his ultra hard sleeper has little effect on his determined opponent. Mad Maxx stops the Rebel dead in his comeback tracks, and mauls our hero, working over his back, neck arms, and everything. LOTS OF MUSCLE IN THIS ONE!!!! The Rebel is deliciously destroyed in what is probably one of the best fights he has yet been in. Maxx hits the Rebel's back, surprising the Rebel with various arm-stretching backbreakers, over the knee backbreaker/chokeholds, rolling him up in spadels, and lots of camels and crabs. Max dominates the Rebel and completely works over his back until he puts him out in a sleeper. For sure, you will want to watch this one over and over. It's a classic muscle man match-up… with the victor a hot new upstart… and the loser, one of PWP's hottest looking guys. AWESOME!!!!! Probably PWP's best match-up ever.

This is one HELL of a match as The Rebel faces a formidable foe in Mad Maxx who early on gains control...

...over The Rebel. Here he screams in agony as Mad Maxx sneers at his victim beneath him.

The Rebel continues to be on the receiving end of the Handosme Hell's leg holds...

...and some nasty toe pulling.


But the Rebel is no slouch as he puts the pressure...


...on Mad Maxx.


But more ear biting has The Rebel down...


...on the mat with the Mad One clearly in control.


But those massive thighs on The Rebel find their mark.


Some trunk pulling gets Mad Maxx out of the headscissors...


...and into The Rebel's arms.


But the tireless Mad One has The Rebel all stretched out...


...and then wrapped up as The Rebel's energy begins to drain.


Tasting victory, Mad Maxx smiles down on his opponent.


This body stretch has The Rebel prepped for the sleeper ending.


Wow! A new PWP Heel (or Star) is born!