PWP Wrestling presents

the Rebel's Return

Match #1

the Rebel vs Andre

Match #2

the Scottish Cowboy vs Mad Maxx

Match #3

the Rebel vs the Scottish Cowboy

Match #4

Mad Maxx vs Andre

Match #5

the Rebel vs Mad Maxx


the Rebel vs the Scottish Cowboy

This is truly a great matchup. The Rebel is back and on a roll. And the Scottish Cowboy really wants to prove himself in PWP and a win here would be great for him. So… the Rebel does have his hands full as SC comes on strong. The Rebel's body looks great as he throws all that muscle into his holds against this big opponent. And in return the Scottish Cowboy matches the Rebel with powerful holds and confidence. These two big guys trade bearhugs, sideheadlocks, armbar scissor holds, boston crabs, and pour on the power with each hold trying to outmuscle eachother. The Scottish Cowboy really gives the Rebel a run for his money. An awesome figure 4 has the Rebel in huge pain for a while. And the SC looks really good as he works those big arms of the Rebel's over for a while. For a while it's hard to tell who is going to take this one, as SC hits the Rebel up with a rock solid full nelson, a body scissors with an armbar, then a body scissors sleeper with an armbar. The Rebel is rocked. Tests of strength, trunk pulling, shots to the crotches, this one has it all. The Rebel takes SC out with a string of leg scissors, then attacks with a big sleeper. SC grimaces as the Rebel squeezes his big bicep under his chin and finishes him off. This is one of those great big guys matchups that PWP is so good at making. Enjoy.

The Rebel has The Cowboy in a headlock...

...and then has a chin lock on the Scottish Cowboy.

The Scottish Cowboy likes to pull trunks, especially The Rebel's... that he can put The Rebel in a bearhug.


The Cowboy continues to dominate with an on-the-mat headlock...


...followed by a leg lock on the hapless Rebel.


The poor Rebel is grimacing in pain...


...but those big thighs get wrapped around the Cowboy's head...


...and then a headlock has The Rebel back in control...


...only to fall to a low blow from The Cowboy.


He then proceeds to put The Rebel in a full nelson...


...and then a tight body scissors...


...but those big thighs find their target and its all over...


...for The Cowboy. A good match but the outcome was a foregone conclusion.