PWP Wrestling presents

the Rebel's Return

Match #1

the Rebel vs Andre

Match #2

the Scottish Cowboy vs Mad Maxx

Match #3

the Rebel vs the Scottish Cowboy

Match #4

Mad Maxx vs Andre

Match #5

the Rebel vs Mad Maxx


the Scottish Cowboy vs Mad Maxx

 The Scottish Cowboy was an instant favorite after his Match against Bad Boy in Rebellion 3. His dark good looks, a well muscled body, and the aggressive wrestling skill made him a lot of new fans. But look at PWP's newest find. Mad Maxx. WOW!! He is something. He's drop dead handsome, has a mind-blowing physique, and is one of the most aggressive and talented wrestlers to come our way in a while. These two are pretty equal in size and frame. Mad Maxx works SC over real good bending SC's muscle in every direction. Those big arms, legs, neck, back, shoulders, all a target of Mad Maxx's talented holds. MM is probably as good as the Rebel when it comes to looking good for the camera, dominating his opponent and flexing for us. This guy is solid. And this match is filled with very interesting holds by both of these great wrestlers. SC endures lots of punishment as the new guy works him endlessly. Mad Maxx looks awesome as he kisses those big biceps, posing over the destroyed Scottish Cowboy. He returns after the match, wakes SC up and continues the punishment working SC's arms and legs over some more with pulling, then adds on a cobra sleeper. PWP has a new heel. Viva la Mad Maxx!!

The Handsome Heel has the Cowboy down on the mat with an arm bar.

Our gorgeous newcomer LOVES to play dirty..Here he is pulling the Cowboy's pink trunks.

The Scottish Cowboy has Mad Maxx in pain....

...but a bite to the ear and The Cowboy reels but...


...he keeps the pressure on the Mad One.


But the Big Hunk has some hair pulling ideas of his own.


As The Cowboy finds out...


...the Mad Hunk loves twisting arms while having the Cowboy in a figure four headscissors.


Some tit twisting for good measure...


...and a Hard headlock has the Cowboy ready... meet his Maker.


The Mad One looks so content as the Cowboy drifts into unconsciousness.