PWP Wrestling presents

the Rebel's Return

Match #1

the Rebel vs Andre

Match #2

the Scottish Cowboy vs Mad Maxx

Match #3

the Rebel vs the Scottish Cowboy

Match #4

Mad Maxx vs Andre

Match #5

the Rebel vs Mad Maxx


the Rebel vs Andre

 This is the Rebel's big return to PWP, and he doesn't disappoint at all. He looks great. With more size, muscle and even more of that devastating confidence that we all love to watch. His first matchup is against our young Andre. He comes to these matchups with a lot more added muscle to that tall frame. But the Rebel back in unbelievable form and out to give these new guys a ………
After getting his head stuck between Rebel's huge thighs and beautiful camel clutch, then a short sleeper hold, Andre has a hard time standing. A short lived revolt against his mighty aggressor includes a nice hammerlock chokehold and a beautiful fig-4 headscissors that leaves the Rebel a little stunned. But Andre is again suffering. The Rebel unloads on this young musclehunk with a surfboard, a camel, a boston crab, some long sideheadlocks, lots of trunk pulling, crotch shots, one of his massive bearhugs (front and back), and it's Rebel's nasty sleeper that does in this young upstart. It's good to watch our longtime hero practice his stuff against these young musclehunks., and Andre looks truly great being dominated by him. After his win, the Rebel returns to Andre and tosses on a fig-4 headscissors, then gives us a nice posing routine over the beaten hunk. The Rebel is back and in spectacular form. This tape has four real hot bodies… trust me, if you like muscle you will enjoy this.

The Rebel has André in a tight full nelson.

But André is able to escape and clamp on a front headlock.

The Rebel's head scissors are known to wear down his opponents.

A close-up look at those massive!!


But André is not without some dirty tricks as he pulls The Rebel's trunks...


And then slaps on a figure-four head scissors of his own.


He keeps the pressure on our Heel/Hero


Once more with a figure-four head scissors.


But a squeeze from the Rebel's Bearhug...


...and a low blow to the groin for good measure...


...and The Rebel has André down for the count.


After the match, The Rebel does some trunk pulling of his own..

Not content merely to win the match, The Rebel returns and dishes out more punishment.