PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches

Match 1

the Animal vs Larry

Match 2

Alex vs Jean

Match 3

Jean vs the Animal

 Match 4

Larry vs Alex

Tag Team Match

Alex and the Animal vs Jean and Larry

the Practice Tape

Match #5

Tag Match

Alex and Stéphan vs Jean and Larry

It starts Larry and the Animal. The Animal can hit you with some solid holds, and Larry has learned some too. He has the strength behind his too as the Animal finds. And Larry is coming off a win, carrying a lot of confidence. Both Animal and Alex have a hard time against Jean. Jean is a tough guy and can handle his own. He wears down his opponents one at a time, then Larry strolls in and uses some of his hard held moves on them. The Animal certainly tries to outmuscle them whenever we can, but Jean is just too much to handle even for our muscle guys who get put away with sleepers in the end. Animal always looks awesome.  

 Alex and the Animal

 Jean and 'Lean and Mean'

 Alex has Jean where he wants him...

 ...but soon it is Stéphan's turn to suffer at the hands on a new and improved 'mean' Larry.

 A little doubleteaming gives the bad boys a short-lived advantage.

 Here, 'mean' Larry shows he can cheat with the best of them with some hair-pulling of his own.

 The end sees our two 'bad' guys succumb... the sand man.