PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches

Match 1

the Animal vs Larry

Match 2

Alex vs Jean

Match 3

Jean vs the Animal

 Match 4

Larry vs Alex

Tag Team Match

Alex and the Animal vs Jean and Larry

the Practice Tape

Match #4

'Lean and Mean' Larry vs Alex

This one has slower paced action, and the guys have a little less experience at wrestling. But the holds that they do know are effective. Both Alex and Larry are about the same size, and both have something to prove after submitting in earlier matches. Larry gets in some full nelsons, head scissors, sleepers, and chokeholds on Alex, and Larry's confidence skyrockets as he lays it to Alex. He looks fabulous for the camera and Alex feels the pain as he is beat on.  

 Alex begins the match with a front headlock...

 ...and other punishing maneuvers.

 But 'lean and mean' has learned his lessons, and counters first with a crushing full nelson...

 ...and then a severe headlock.


 Once Larry gets Alex in his head scissors...

 ...and squeezes, its just a matter of time...

 'Lean and Mean' lives up to his name with an eye gouge.

 In the end, Alex submits in a surprise ending.