PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches

Match 1

the Animal vs Larry

Match 2

Alex vs Jean

Match 3

Jean vs the Animal

 Match 4

Larry vs Alex

Tag Team Match

Alex and the Animal vs Jean and Larry

the Practice Tape

Match #3

Jean vs the Animal

Muscle guy Animal and Jean, with the more experience. Jean knows he is in for it, with a challenger like the Animal. Animal takes it to Jean at the start with a couple armbar headscissors and a surfboard. Jean has to prove he is the better wrestler of the two. He attacks Animal with a sleeper, then full nelson, then and armbar that has the Animal in pain. Animal retorts with a bearhug, an airplane spin, and an armstretch. Jean is grounded. Once he gets control back he starts to work over the muscle hunk. He throws a sleeper on the Animal and doesn't let go. It takes a while, but the Animal goes down. A hunk getting held into submission is always cool to watch. The Animal looks awesome.  

 Jean begins with a sitting full nelson but...

 ...Stéphan surprises Jean with an airplane spin.

 'the Animal' continues his dominance...

 ...over Jean as the match progresses...


 ...'The Animal' is not known to abide by the rules...

 ..and enjoys making his opponent suffer.

 PWP won't show you how, but Jean...

 ...finishes 'The Animal' with a long held sleeper.