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the Matches

Match 1

the Animal vs Larry

Match 2

Alex vs Jean

Match 3

Jean vs the Animal

 Match 4

Larry vs Alex

Tag Team Match

Alex and the Animal vs Jean and Larry

the Practice Tape

the Wrestlers

Larry 'Lean and Mean' Primeau

the Animal

Jean Coutu


Match #1

Larry vs the Animal

 Classic big guy versus little guy matchup. Animal is a big sexy hunk, and Larry has that model pretty face. He may not look as big as Stephan, but he is pretty tough. This is a slower paced match. Larry works over the Animal a bit at the beginning. The Animal won't stand for it though and pounds Larry down. He seems to occasionally let Larry work him over for a while, then he starts in on the power moves. At one point, Larry gets in a half nelson armbar that the Animal sure has a hard time with. Larry suffers Animals fullnelson, half nelson, armbar sleeper, a chickenwing type hold, and leg headscissors him with his crotch in Larry's face a couple of times. The Animal always looks like he is having a good time and he always looks hot. Larry is a big tough guy to bring down, but the Animal does, and looks wonderful doing it.

 From the start, Stéphan is all over poor Larry.

 But 'lean and mean' surprises Stéphan with a painful full nelson... arm bar by Stéphan...

 ...some 'illegal' eye gouging...

 ...a punishing headlock...

 ...another arm bar, have 'lean and mean' ready...

 ...for the complete finisher...

 ...a long and sweaty sleeper.