PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches

Match 1

the Animal vs Larry

Match 2

Alex vs Jean

Match 3

Jean vs the Animal

 Match 4

Larry vs Alex

Tag Team Match

Alex and the Animal vs Jean and Larry

the Practice Tape

Match #2

Alex vs Jean

 Both of these guys are equally big and talented. Jean, in the yellow, is a tough guy. He gets in a very long headlock, then Alex counters with one. Jean gets in a bearhug, then does Alex. Back and forth these guys go until Jean takes the edge. Alex is a tough guy and a hard one to work down, but Jean just simply out-toughs poor Alex, and Alex goes down. These guys really work eachother over. Good watchin'.

 Alex begins the assault with a body scissors

 ...and a tight headlock...

 ...but Jean quickly reverses and...

 ...has the 'teacher' in a painful armbar...

 ...a body scissors of his own and finishes.

 Alex with a tighly fitting head scissors.