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the Matches 

 Match 1

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 Match 2

Danny D vs Ziggy

 Match 3

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 Match 4

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 Match 5

Sexy Steve vs Danny D

Match 6

Ironman vs Ziggy 

Tag Team Match

Ironman and Sexy Steve vs Danny D and Ziggy 


Match #7

Tag Teams

Ironman and Sexy Steve vs Danny D and Ziggy

 Ironman teams up with the rookie muscle hunk Sexy Steve and they take on the rookie studpuppies. These two guys are pretty cocky and the studpuppies aren't too intimidated by them. Let's just say that this match-up has lots of tags, lots of action with all four guys involved and no particular guy in control. Highlights include… with all four guys…Steve figure-4s Danny D while Ironman headscissors him, and then Ziggy throws a headscissors on Steve. Ironman and Steve feel the shame of defeat as they both go down in simultaneous sleepers. This is a good entertaining finish to a fabulous tape.

Ironman and Sexy Steve dominate...

...the first minutes of the match...

...Danny tries to extricate himself from Ironman's head scissors...

...while Ziggy is taken for an aerial spin.

But the cocky team of 'Sexy Steve' and Ironman are surprised by the resilence and determination of...

...the new studpuppies in will you as you see the surprise end to this tag team match.