PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches 

 Match 1

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 Match 2

Danny D vs Ziggy

 Match 3

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 Match 4

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 Match 5

Sexy Steve vs Danny D

Match 6

Ironman vs Ziggy 

Tag Team Match

Ironman and Sexy Steve vs Danny D and Ziggy 


Match #5

Sexy Steve vs Danny D

 'Sexy Steve' Tries to Humiliate Danny D'. Danny D is a worthy competitor for the muscle guy Sexy Steve. Both rookies at PWP, Danny continually throughout the match counters each of Steve's power moves and really makes Steve wonder 'who is the best?'. He displays cocky Steve well for us. It's when Steve suplexs Danny, then confidently wraps his bicep around Danny's neck in a sleeper and tightens his grip, I'm sure Danny realized then he may not be the best. Great rookie bout. Sexy Steve Rocks.

Steve has our studpuppy in control...

...but Danny D' shows he is no pushover.

Steve LOVES to show boat...

...and he is known to break the he chokes poor Danny D' almost to unconsciousness.

Danny finds himself in a tight squeeze.

And sqeeze and squeeze until he's done.