PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches 

 Match 1

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 Match 2

Danny D vs Ziggy

 Match 3

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 Match 4

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 Match 5

Sexy Steve vs Danny D

Match 6

Ironman vs Ziggy 

Tag Team Match

Ironman and Sexy Steve vs Danny D and Ziggy 


Match #2

Ziggy vs Danny D'

 This is a great rookie match-up. Each of these guys know their holds and really make eachother hurt at times. They hang on hard, and they hang on tight and they really take it to eachother as they prove themselves in some great action. Attacks are made on the entire body, with a barrage of very unique holds, never one guy dominating until the very end. We think these two breathe new young blood into PWP and believe they will go far. This awesome match-up is just a start for them. Congratulations.

Danny has the initial advantage with a head scissors.

Ziggy reverses and puts an arm bar on Danny.

Danny is back in control with one punishing...


...hold after another.

Danny enjoys torturing 'the street punk'...

...but Ziggy is no quitter as...

...Danny soon finds out.