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the Matches 

 Match 1

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 Match 2

Danny D vs Ziggy

 Match 3

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 Match 4

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 Match 5

Sexy Steve vs Danny D

Match 6

Ironman vs Ziggy 

Tag Team Match

Ironman and Sexy Steve vs Danny D and Ziggy 


Match #4

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 'Sexy Steve' Thinks He Can Win Against Ironman. Payback is a bitch. Ironman still cockily flexing as he continues his domination of Steve. He wraps his big legs around Steve's muscle bod and squeezes on another gorgeous leg sleeper. And then beautiful sleepers, standing headlocks, bearhugs and full nelsons are exchanged. But Steve eventually says enough is enough, he unloads on Ironman and with all his muscle and topples the big guy. Bodies are yet again displayed well on film for the third bout in this musclefest CLASSIC!!! And Sexy Steve delivers in SEXY when he confidently wraps his bicep around Ironmans neck, and in one of the longest sleepers around, he refuses to budge, and out-muscles the Ironman for the win. Sweet viewing. Great abs on Sexy Steve.

Ironman loves his head scissors.

Poor Steve gets manhandled again.

'Sexy Steve' suffers a full nelson...

...and another crushing bear hug.

While it looked like another Ironman victory, 'Sexy Steve' finally triumphed. I'll let you see how 'Sexy Steve' did it!