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the Matches 

 Match 1

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 Match 2

Danny D vs Ziggy

 Match 3

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 Match 4

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 Match 5

Sexy Steve vs Danny D

Match 6

Ironman vs Ziggy 

Tag Team Match

Ironman and Sexy Steve vs Danny D and Ziggy 


Match #3

Ironman vs Sexy Steve

 Yes, they go at each other again. Steve wanted to prove himself, but Ironman knew he could take this hunk, and with great confidence he slowly takes the muscle guy down. Sexy Steve is cocky though and knew his tough headlocks work on the Ironman. He throws a bearhug and then a full nelson on the Ironman, ones that he won't soon forget. But the Ironman puts a series of the longest, hard held, and amazing sleepers and leg sleepers on Steve (flexing, dragging Steve around, and showing off their bodies along the way) and once again dominates the guy. Their bodies are displayed beautifully, and the camera work is awesome. These hunks in their little Speedo's, with all their muscle is worth the price alone of this video. Ironman and Sexy Steve put on a series of classic bouts for us all. Thanks guys.

'Sexy Steve 'show boats'...

...only to find himself humiliated once again.

Ironman's powerful grip...

...squeezes the life out of 'Sexy Steve'.

Does your head hurt??

Sexy Steve puts the squeeze on Ironman.

Ironman's got 'sexy' all wrapped up.

Ironman is triumphant once again!