PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches 

 Match 1

Sean vs the College Kid

Fall 1 Fall 2

 Match 2

the Animal vs François Ménard

Fall 1 Fall 2

 Match 3

Ironman vs Sean

Fall 1 Fall 2

 Tagteam Match
the Animal and Sean
Ironman, François Ménard
and the College Kid
the Finale

Battling Bodies

Match #3

Finale: Battling Bodies

Ironman, François & the College Kid vs Sean & the Animal

First the College Kid gets tossed in to face the Animal, and he has his hands full. Animal takes him down easily into an armbar headscissors, then sleepers him, and manhandles him out of the match within a sweatless couple of minutes. Animal then dominates Francois. And the double-teaming begins. Ironman gets in a great sleeper on Sean. This match is full of fast action, often with all of the guys in on it. Lots of scissors, sleepers, bearhugs, and nasty tactics. There's plenty of double-teaming too. But the Animal is such a dominating force, and he and Sean sleeper their way into victory. This is a very fun, fast moving, watch, with lots of great looking guys (who throughout, look like they are having a great time). This is an awesome video.  

 The Animal starts by punishing The Kid...

 ...but François steps in to the rescue.

 Later the College Kid shows he is not match for The Animal...and is thrown out of the match.

 Next, the Animal takes on François.

 Double-teaming doesn't stop The Animal...

 ...who keeps the other side off balance...

 ...until the punishing, long ending for ...

 Ironman and François!!