PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches 

 Match 1

Sean vs the College Kid

Fall 1 Fall 2

 Match 2

the Animal vs François Ménard

Fall 1 Fall 2

 Match 3

Ironman vs Sean

Fall 1 Fall 2

 Tagteam Match
the Animal and Sean
Ironman, François Ménard
and the College Kid
the Finale

Battling Bodies

Match #3

(Best 2 out of 3 Falls)

Ironman vs. Sean

Ironman suffers a big headlock to start fall 2, so he retorts with the same. He follows that up with a very long head scissors and Sean gets a taste of that again. It isn't until Animal jumps in for the rescue and throws a big sleeper on Ironman, that Sean can breathe. Sean takes over the sleeper and steals the second fall from Ironman.  

 The Ironman loves his job...

 ...squeezing poor Sean's head until it almost pops.

 Ironman has Sean all wrapped up and ready to deliver...except...

 ...The Animal jumps into the fray and know what happens...