PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches 

 Match 1

Sean vs the College Kid

Fall 1 Fall 2

 Match 2

the Animal vs François Ménard

Fall 1 Fall 2

 Match 3

Ironman vs Sean

Fall 1 Fall 2

 Tagteam Match
the Animal and Sean
Ironman, François Ménard
and the College Kid
the Finale

Battling Bodies

Match #1

(Best 2 out of 3 Falls)

Sean vs. The College Kid

 The College Kid is a tall lanky guy, in his first video of PWP. Sean is a vet, and knows what he is doing. This one begins with the Kid applying a long held and very tight headlock on Sean. He works Sean over a while, until Sean has enough. Sean works over the Kids arms to slow him down. He thinks he can easily take this guy, so he starts to humiliate him by sitting on his head and flexing. Sean strolls around the Kids waisted body and kicks at it. This rookie does not impress him. He tosses a sleeper on him, and as the Kid is going down, Sean makes faces in the camera. Sean laughs at his fallen opponent, and kicks his body some more.

 It's all The College Kid... the beginning of the match.

 The College Kid has Sean in a daze...

...and even tries to put him away...

 ...but Sean reverses and has The Kid in a vice like head scissors... an arm bar has The College Kid in pain.

 Then Sean shows his new stuff and chokes his victim.

 Then adds insult to injury by sitting on our hapless victim not once but twice!!

 Sean puts him to sleep...

 ...and dares him to show up for Round #2.