PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches 

 Match 1

Sean vs the College Kid

Fall 1 Fall 2

 Match 2

the Animal vs François Ménard

Fall 1 Fall 2

 Match 3

Ironman vs Sean

Fall 1 Fall 2

 Tagteam Match
the Animal and Sean
Ironman, François Ménard
and the College Kid
the Finale

Battling Bodies
Match #2

(Best 2 out of 3 Falls)

The Animal vs. François Ménard

 Let me tell you from the start, THE ANIMAL ROCKS!! This is a favorite match. The Animal has never looked better than in this match. He is big, ripped, and handsome he puts all his muscle into his holds. He tries to really hurt his opponent and isn't scared to use some dirty tactics. This one starts with the Animal big-arming Francois into a sleeper body scissors. A side armbar and a few smacks to the head get Francois's blood boiling. He forces his own sleeper body scissors on the Animal, and Animal fights him off. Francois surprises the big Animal at times throughout this fall by easily picking him up and tossing him around. Francois almost gets him to submit a few times, but the Animal is just so overpowering and he can hurt you in so many ways. The barrage of holds the Animal easily displays on Francois is stunning. He snaps his opponent into a hold and doesn't let go of until he decides. Animal's dirty tactics, such as ramming his head into the wall a number of times humiliates Francois. Great submission action!!! Fall one is all Animal. This is a great matchup.

 This is the most intense and...

 ...hard fought battle that Dan (PWP)...

 ...has yet witnessed. These guys put themselves...

 ...through torture with well executed holds...

 ...and painfully delivered executions.

 There is no way I can describe the action...

 ...and do it any justice.

 You will just have to see it for yourself.

 While the Animal is the eventual winner of Round #1...

 ...he resorts to slamming François head several times against the back wall to get the...

 ...advantage and wins with a devastating finishing hold.

 Like Sean, not content to beat his man, he punishes him some more after the match is over!