PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches 

 Match 1

Sean vs the College Kid

Fall 1 Fall 2

 Match 2

the Animal vs François Ménard

Fall 1 Fall 2

 Match 3

Ironman vs Sean

Fall 1 Fall 2

 Tagteam Match
the Animal and Sean
Ironman, François Ménard
and the College Kid
the Finale

Battling Bodies

Match #1

(Round #2)

Sean vs. The College Kid

 This is a squash job. It's quick and painful for the poor College Kid. Sean gets in a headlock first, then a big standing head scissors. He follows it up with an assault his opponent won't soon forget. It doesn't take long and this one is over. Sean is very proud.

 It's all Sean in Round #2.

 The College Kid's lack of experience...

 ...and Sean's bag of new dirty tricks...

 ...has the poor kid flat out and begging Sean... put him away...which Sean obliges...

 ...and then for good measure, punishes him some more. What has happened to the good Sean??