PWP Wrestling presents

Maxxed Out!

Match #1

Mad Maxx vs Bad Boy

Match #2

Kid Q vs Jean-Marc

Match #3

Bad Boy vs Jean-Marc

Match #4

Kid Q vs Bad Boy

Match #5

Mad Maxx vs Jean-Marc

Match #6

Kid Q vs Mad Maxx

Maxxed Out!


Mad Maxx vs Jean-Marc

After working the young hunk over with a surfboard, and couple fig-4 headscissors, Mad Maxx goes to work on JM's back. The young hunk's back suffers in a series of backbreaking chokeholds, spadels, half spadels, and boston crabs leaving him destroyed. Maxx dominates his matches. He subjects JM to much manhandling. Maxx is awesome as he unloads in every match with such power and control. Awesome fighter!!!  

Poor Jean-Marc doesn't know what's in store for him.

On the mat headlocks, some ear biting...


...a little trunk pulling... Mad Maxx likes to pull his opponent's trunks.....curious??


He smiles while the youngster's head is wrapped around his thighs...


He turns him around so he can get a better look at him...


...then punishes his opponent's (victim's?) groin.


But Jean-Marc clamps on a headlock...

...only to be shown how to do it by the Mad One... OUCH!

It's torture time for Jean-Marc... a powerful choke hold has Jean-Marc weakened.


So its bed time for the little guy...

...and out he goes.

But the Mad One wants to torture this upstart some more...What a heel!!