PWP Wrestling presents

Maxxed Out!

Match #1

Mad Maxx vs Bad Boy

Match #2

Kid Q vs Jean-Marc

Match #3

Bad Boy vs Jean-Marc

Match #4

Kid Q vs Bad Boy

Match #5

Mad Maxx vs Jean-Marc

Match #6

Kid Q vs Mad Maxx

Maxxed Out!


Mad Maxx vs Bad Boy

 OK, this is a classic brawn vs brawn matchup. The new, big, tough, hot wrestler (Mad Maxx), up against one of PWP's biggest, baddest veteran wrestlers (Bad Boy). These two guys hit eachother up with some of their strongest moves, with the action going back and forth between them. It's when MM tosses a solid sleeper on BB, that our muscular vet starts to lose his composure. The sleeper starts out lying, then with MM kneeling, bending BB way back. Maxx then lifts BB up to a standing hold, still squeezing those big arms around the Bad One. BB tries to pound his way out, but Maxx holds even tighter, until BB is back on the mat and almost out. Mad Maxx doesn't just want to beat his muscular opponent, he wants to give him a lesson. In solid command, MM slips a fig-4 headscissors on BB, followed by some more sleeper. Then wanting to dish out some more punishment on BB, Maxx slaps one of the meanest side headlocks on, with BB yelling in pain. Bad Boy is disillusioned and almost finished, but not yet… after a little pec punishment, it's back to that tough sleeper. Bad Boy has never been manhandled like this before. Bad Boy is just a big pile of muscle asleep in Maxx's big arms. After a double bicep pose over the defeated Bad Boy, Maxx wakes him up to give him some crotch punishment. Hot, mean, and very sexy. By the end, Bad Boy is on the floor begging for MM to stop, as Maxx is flexing over him, growling 'Do you want some more??!?' This is one of PWP's best matches EVER!!!

The Madd One versus the Bad One. Bad Boy begins with a bone crushing headlock.

But Mad Maxx, true to form, does a little biting...

...some trunk pulling...


...and pec grabbing... get his advantage...


...but the Bad One soon reverses...

...only to find the Madd One trunk pulling once again.

Maxx thinks he has Bad Boy in his control...

...but the Bad One reverses and puts the Madd One in a punishing arm bar.

Here he does some neck twisting.

But Mad Maxx lounges as he puts the pressure on Bad Boy's head and neck...

...and then puts a long held and devasting sleeper on Bad Boy.


Not content to win, he punishes Bad Boy AFTER the match with his foot to Bad Boy's groin!