PWP Wrestling presents

Maxxed Out!

Match #1

Mad Maxx vs Bad Boy

Match #2

Kid Q vs Jean-Marc

Match #3

Bad Boy vs Jean-Marc

Match #4

Kid Q vs Bad Boy

Match #5

Mad Maxx vs Jean-Marc

Match #6

Kid Q vs Mad Maxx

Maxxed Out!


Kid Q vs Jean-Marc

BIG Kid Q may have the best body going in PWP. MUSCULAR, sculpted physique. And poor Jean-Marc just can't compete with that, on his first outing with PWP. In Kid Q fashion, he lets JM have it with long, solid holds, putting all that muscle into it. With those big pipes, he manhandles JM with… a sideheadlock, then sleeper, sideheadlock, fig-4 headscissors/armbar, another sleeper, a couple big bearhugs, then again with a series of sleeper holds until JM is destroyed. TOTAL SQUASH JOB. It looks like Kid Q really has his game together. He looks fantastic too. This squash is great to watch.  

If you like to see a bigger man squash a smaller, very sexy guy, then this match is made for YOU!

Kid Q is all over Jean-Marc with headlocks but especially his sleeper hold.


He never lets the little guy go under. He simply clamps a new hold...


...massaging Jean-Marc's hair...


...then re-clamping on a sleeper hold only to release it...


...and then puts his hapless victim between his powerful arms in a breath-taking bearhug.

But the ultimate is the long sleeper take-down...

...that ends the match and the...

...torture Jean-Marc has endured throughout the match.

Sweet dreams and what a sweet match.