PWP Wrestling presents

Maxxed Out!

Match #1

Mad Maxx vs Bad Boy

Match #2

Kid Q vs Jean-Marc

Match #3

Bad Boy vs Jean-Marc

Match #4

Kid Q vs Bad Boy

Match #5

Mad Maxx vs Jean-Marc

Match #6

Kid Q vs Mad Maxx

Maxxed Out!

6 Matches AND over 2 Hours


Mad Maxx, the Ultimate Handsome heel, dominates in this video.

Bad Boy is under Maxx's control. Look at that smile on Maxx's face. What's in store for Bad Boy?

Bad Boy is no slouch, as the Mad One discovers. But...

...he can't get away from those powerful arms!

Kid Q is on the receiving end of Maxx's power. The lifeless Kid's body is primed for more of Maxx's torture!

Its not all Mad Maxx as Kid Q puts newcomer to sleep.

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