PWP Wrestling presents

Maxxed Out!

Match #1

Mad Maxx vs Bad Boy

Match #2

Kid Q vs Jean-Marc

Match #3

Bad Boy vs Jean-Marc

Match #4

Kid Q vs Bad Boy

Match #5

Mad Maxx vs Jean-Marc

Match #6

Kid Q vs Mad Maxx

Maxxed Out!


Jean-Marc vs Bad Boy

 The Bad One, I think enjoys being a little submissive, when he knows he is the one in control. He is far too good of a wrestler and tough guy. He lets Jean-Marc get away with a few things, and that makes for a good matchup. The battle goes back and forth between these two hunks. It's when the Bad One goes to work on JM's shoulder and arm, that he takes solid control. Armbars and a big half nelson/wristlock has JM submitting again and again to the big BB. Good grappling to watch.

Jean-Marc doesn't want to be known as the job-boy of PWP so he tackles Bad Boy...

...with a vengence. First with a headlock, then a head scissors...


...the little guy uses some dirty tricks of his own... put Bad Boy under his control.

But the veteran wrestler soon has the newcomer in a painful hold with some of his victim's backside showing...

...a full nelson on the mat has Jean-Marc crying out in pain... his lifeless body is spread out on the mat.

The youngster still has some fight in him...

...but once Bad Boy puts his bone crushing bearhug...

...the little guy has to submit to the veteran PWP wrestler.