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 the Matches

Match #1

 Kid T.N.T. vs Billy Boy Watson 

Match #2

Mike Manson vs Tony Marconi

 Match #3

Kid T.N.T vs Tony Marconi

 Match #4

Mike Manson vs Billy Boy Watson

Tag Team Match

Mike Manson & Kid T.N.T. vs Billy Boy Watson & Tony Marconi 

In the Ring

Match #5

Tag Team Match: 2 Out of 3 falls

Mike Manson & Kid T.N.T. vs

Billy Boy Watson & Tony Marconi

So after seeing the outcomes of the previous matches, you would think that this one was going to be all Manson and TNT. Reverse holds and lots of tagging in and out throughout this match has both tagteams in plenty of trouble. Plenty of pro action with body scissors sleepers and cobras, camel clutches, lifting backbreakers, clotheslines, suplexes, leglocks, flying mull kicks, figure-4's, by all these skilled wrestlers. All the pounding and kicking and rope action takes its toll. Surprise for you… the heels don't win the first of this double match.

In the second, Manson slaps a beautiful full nelson body scissors on Marconi. Billy gets doubled teamed while he is pounded in an abstretch. Muscular Manson tosses these guys around easily. Billy gets tortured by TNT with chokes, a DDT, a big armbar, then Manson comes in and with a huge choke-clam makes they both pin Billy.

And for the third fall and in true heel fashion, they drag Tony into the ring, and piledrive him then both of them cover Tony for the pin. Fantastic watch. Great matchups, lots of domination with a lot of pounding. These guys are great to watch. CLASSIC TAPE!!!

Billy Boy gets the early advantage over Kid T.N.T. with a head scissors.

The Kid easily handles Tony...

...while Mike, not to be outdone by his partner, back breaks poor Tony.

Billy Boy shows promise in this match...

...but the 6 year veteran heel demolishes Billy with a torture rack and our heels win the first fall.

Billy Boy comes back and has Kid T.N.T. all wrapped up...

And to the surprise of all, Billy wins the second fall with this reverse back breaker move on Kid T.N.T. Watch out for this rising star!

The veteran heel in the final fall resorts to some dirty tactics...

...some clean ones...


...and a little double teaming... get the advantage over Billy Boy..Here the Kid tells his partner he doesn't choke his opponents..he's a good guy.

After Billy Boy is destroyed, the twin heels dish out punishment on Tony...A great tag team match in the old style and a rising star in Billy Boy?