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Match #1

 Kid T.N.T. vs Billy Boy Watson 

Match #2

Mike Manson vs Tony Marconi

 Match #3

Kid T.N.T vs Tony Marconi

 Match #4

Mike Manson vs Billy Boy Watson

Tag Team Match

Mike Manson & Kid T.N.T. vs Billy Boy Watson & Tony Marconi 

In the Ring

Match #3

Kid T.N.T vs Tony Marconi

 'This is one of the HOTTEST matches I have EVER seen'

Dan (PWP)

Now let's watch Kid TNT squash Tony Marconi. That's right… if you like domination in fights, this tape is for you. Kid TNT is a heel because he takes advantage of certain situations and his opponent suffers greatly. He's a little arrogant. He's a little dirty too, and he always plays the camera. He's great to watch. Tony is blindsided at the start, and Kid commences his beating. TNT is cool to watch because he really punishes his opponents (even the big muscle guys), and he doesn't have a big muscular body himself. His best weapon is his confidence. Kid resorts to a few holds… like this incredible backbreaking chinlock. But this is all pounding, scratching, stomping, gouging, kicking, biting… he really gives Tony something to remember. TNT even bites his package. The beating that Tony endures is incredible to see. A 100% squash-job. Great beating. Classic.

Kid T.N.T exercising his right to cheat...

...stomp on that neck.

This long held stomach claw is...

...a favorite hold of mine and Kid T.N.T. knows how to apply it...


...another foot and face move by our heel...


...a little jaw breaker perhaps...


...the finale begins with a series of punishing headlocks and punches to the face...


...that sends this jobber flying from one side of the ring to the other..before he is put out of his misery.