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 In The Ring...

 the Matches

Match #1

 Kid T.N.T. vs Billy Boy Watson 

Match #2

Mike Manson vs Tony Marconi

 Match #3

Kid T.N.T vs Tony Marconi

 Match #4

Mike Manson vs Billy Boy Watson

Tag Team Match

Mike Manson & Kid T.N.T. vs Billy Boy Watson & Tony Marconi 

In the Ring

Match #4

Mike Manson vs Billy Boy Watson

Watson is more Mike's size and handles him with dominance. Lots of big holds in this one. Side headlocks, figure-4's, backbreakers, Boston crabs, crucifixes, bearhugs and tons of pounding. Billy starts out strong, but eventually suffers... and is soon destroyed. Mike lifts him up by his hair and smashes him down. A bodyscissors-sleeper is immediately tapped out of by screaming Billy. Mike once again shows his heel side. Mike Manson can really dish out a big awesome pounding!!

Billy Boy takes an early advantage...

...only to suffer a long held...

...figure-four leg scissors.

Here our heel camel clutches poor Billy...

...then bearhugs him before...

...ending the match with a submission.