PWP Wrestling proudly presents

 In The Ring...

This is PWP Wrestling's first Pro-wrestling production 

PWP introduces young pro-wrestlers in the ring....doing their thing! But in that pro-wrestling style that brings us back to the 1980's...and this tape has it all...long held holds, squash jobs, real heels and young jobbers.

After you see this video, let me know what you want to see more of from these and other young stars of professional wrestling.

the Matches

Match #1

 Kid T.N.T. vs Billy Boy Watson 

Match #2

Mike Manson vs Tony Marconi

 Match #3

Kid T.N.T vs Tony Marconi

 Match #4

Mike Manson vs Billy Boy Watson

Tag Team Match

Mike Manson & Kid T.N.T. vs Billy Boy Watson & Tony Marconi 

In the Ring

the Wrestlers

 Introducing The Heels



Kid T.N.T. 

 Mike 'The Crusher' Manson

  Introducing The New Faces 



 Billy Boy Watson

 Tony Marconi

Match #1

Kid T.N.T. vs Billy Boy Watson

Kid TNT is a great character, and a fantastic heel. He has gret confidence in his very skilled technique, and relentless way of destroying a man. In the first match on this tape he gives us a demonstration of how fun it is to POUND the hell out of a very worthy opponent. His long hair used against him, as he suffers a lot of slamming and kicking and punching and POUNDING. TNT is relentless. His attack is commanding. Leg drops, armbars, clotheslines, slams to the corner, fig-4 headscissors and POUNDING him all over. Kid TNT in control through this entire match. The Kid destroys Billy Boy Watson with his constant, commanding POUNDING. TOTAL SQUASH JOB!!! Very cool match. 

Our heel is all over Billy Boy...

...tossing him off the top ropes...

...squeezing that arm bar...

...raking the poor boy's face...

...low blows and...

...hard punches...

...once in the corner, why not punish that groin...

...more hair pulling...


...and foot and face disease...leaves our hapless victim down for the count.