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 the Matches

Match #1

 Kid T.N.T. vs Billy Boy Watson 

Match #2

Mike Manson vs Tony Marconi

 Match #3

Kid T.N.T vs Tony Marconi

 Match #4

Mike Manson vs Billy Boy Watson

Tag Team Match

Mike Manson & Kid T.N.T. vs Billy Boy Watson & Tony Marconi 

In the Ring

Match #2

Mike Manson vs Tony Marconi

 Mike Manson is a true heel (when he is in heel mode). He beats the crap out of his poor opponents with an arsenal of holds. And if an opponent is smaller than he is, he gets lifted and tossed around quite a bit. Tony suffered throughout most of this matchup. It's amazing how much Tony can endure. You can hear him say 'Oh God', as Mike goes from one hold to the next beating him in every way. Tony does take it to Mike at one point. But Mike is a very skilled wrestler and soon reverses things on Tony. Poor Tony suffers an over-the-shoulder piledriving shoulder breaker, and his beating resumes. This one is a totally lop-sided fight throughout most of it. Tony takes an awesome beating at the hands of the very confident Mike Manson. Mike leaves Tony withering around in pain… destroyed.

'The Crusher' is all over this jobber...

...punishing his victim...

...not caring for the rules... he is standing on Tony's groin...

...he loves his job...torture rack...

...but our jobber is able to get in his licks with a pile driver but our heel is too determined a ring professional to let this rookie take him...

...punishing Tony with an excruciating bearhug...

...before he ends it with a pile driver of his own.